School of Distance Education

Distance Education has for its basis the philosophy that a democratic society has the responsibility to provide facilities for acquisition of knowledge and improvement of skills to those who for some reason or the other are not able to do so through the  conventional system. The growing number of aspiring students has further added to the need for widening educational opportunities through non conventional channels.

The School of Distance Education commenced its activities in 1990. Facilities for contact classes which had been  provided at different venues within the jurisdiction of the University. What needs to be emphasized is that it has been possible for the school to administer the curricula of various programmes of study through the distance mode of instruction without compromising on quality and standards.

Year of establishment: 1989.

Director in Charge

Dr Noushad. P P

Associate Professor

School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies

MG University, Kottayam


Office: 04812731039

E mail:,


Ph.D in Education, Calicut University, 2012

NET in Sociology, 2007

NET-JRF in Education, 2006

NET in Education, 2003

SET in History, 2002

M.Ed(Social Studies),Calicut University, 2004,1st class with 3rd Rank

MA (Sociology), Calicut University, 2007, 1st  Class with 3rd Rank

MA(History),Calicut University,2001

B.Ed (Social Studies), Calicut University, 2002, 1st Class

BA (History), Calicut University, 1999

Personal Details

Permanent Address :PuthanPeedikakkal (H)Kodinhi P O Via Tirurangadi MalappuramDt

Present Post                :Associate Professor School of Gandhian Thought and Development Studies,MG University

Date of Birth                 : 21/04/1979

Distance Learning Programme under SDE

All the Off-campus centres under the School of Distance Education, Mahatma Gandhi University have been closed down as per the directions of UGC and Honorable Chancellor with effect from 20.06.2015


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